27 years old, loving, from the Rhineland: she is the Nurse of the year

27 years old, loving, from the Rhineland: she is the Nurse of the year


This Tuesday the “International day of caring” – a day to remember, of the associations and parties to the people who ensure that our health systems work stable. Especially in times of Coronavirus pandemic, they are celebrated as “heroes of everyday life. They are also overworked and underpaid. And their Jobs do not pose rare risks to health.

One of them is the 27-year-old Sarah Hupperich from Cologne, Germany. She works as an Intensive care nurse to be treated in the pulmonary intensive care unit of the hospital Cologne-Merheim, where, in particular, Corona-patients – and has now been awarded to Germany’s “Nurse of the year”.

Hupperich has been selected by a professional jury from more than 3000 nurses for the 5000 Euro award, said the campaign “heart and courage”. The campaign was launched by the Baden-Baden company Jobtour Medical, a staffing company. The 27-Year-old was one of those people who help day-to-day in the corona of crisis, people and their own health at risk, stated in the award.

Sarah Hupperich has also worked in West Africa

The she has already experienced, how difficult the situation abroad can be. In Troisdorf near Bonn, who was born Hupperich in the past year, with the aid organization Cap Anamur in Sierra Leone. She worked there in Freetown, the capital in the Central children’s hospital and was in charge of, among other things, Malaria, and tuberculosis patients.

“The resources for the ventilation of children are extremely limited. Daily we were faced with the serious decision of which child the greatest chance of Survival and one of the five breathing to get AIDS,” she said.

The beginning of this year Hupperich returned to Germany and began her new job in Cologne-Merheim. “With the experience in Sierra Leone in the back of your head you know that we live here in Germany in a very privileged Situation,” she told the news Agency DPA.

Was nominated Hupperich, which is also based in Sierra Leone working nurse Maren Jesske. Despite the immense burden Sarah was always calm, professional and to the children and families immensely loving, wrote Jesske, according to the. “The biggest burden is the suffering of the parents, if you lose your child. Because the parents in the case of longer hospital stays often are not able, for food and diapers, cover, Sarah, supports often the parents.”

Risk of infection

Indoor pool, outdoor pool, lake, sea – to get in the water with Corona?

Day goes back to Florence Nightingale

The second place is occupied by the Baden-Württemberg-working Imad Deaibis from Strasbourg, and the third place goes to Miroslaw Brada from Berlin. Overall, the price is endowed with € 11,500.

The “International nurses day every year on 12. May committed. On this day in 1820, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, considered the pioneer of nursing was. To was still alive, they honoured as a Saint.

Associations, trade unions and political parties use this date also, in order to demand better pay of nurses. With the actions of the nurses and orderlies made this Tuesday, for example, under the slogan “Clap alone is not enough for us” of their Situation. In the simple professionals to homes, according to the Federal statistical office, with an average of 3116 euros gross monthly wage to cope. Many are also employed as a nursing assistant and coming to these values.


Spahn wants to expand testing: "A Million per Woche"

The German trade Union Federation (DGB) called for a nationwide tariff of remuneration for care workers. During the Corona-epidemic show like under a burning glass, the importance of each and every individual Employed in the care, said DGB Board member Anja Piel. “Recognition is important, but remains without value if it leads to concrete improvements.” The Left called for a Demonstration in front of the Chancellery in Berlin, 500 euros per month, the basic salary in the industry.

1.6 million Workers in the industry

In the area of Old and sick to care for approximately 1.6 million people. The minimum wage regulations for the sector were recently extended. The minimum wage for helpers to April 2022 would be increased from now 11,35 in the West of 10.85 in the East gradually to 12,55 Euro in East and West Germany. From July 2021, we also for the first time a minimum wage for nurses from 15 euros the hour to climb up to the April 2022 to 15.40 euros.

Unions and employers negotiate to a collective agreement with better pay, which could then be used by the Federal Ministry of labour declared generally binding. In addition, it is planned that the nurses will get a unique Corona-Bonus up to 1500 Euro.

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) tweeted: “For every one of us is important, that there are many people who like to work in the care and well paid for it. Because we have older relatives, because we ourselves need care. We are fighting for the concerns of the care, not only today, on the day of Caring!”

Pope Francis sent a message from Rome, and tweeted to the care workers: “your work is not a Job but rather a vocation and devotion. For that you give in this time, a heroic example”.

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier was on the phone for his on Tuesday released a new video message with a resident and a Nurse in a Bremen care facility. A March planned visit to the home, he had to because of the pandemic cancel. In his message, the President said, those who care for them in nursing homes and home old people, were “Enormous for our country.” “You live in what is called solidarity. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! And I would hope that we all remember even after the crisis because, what you do for this company.”

A lot of attention for Sarah Hupperich and their colleagues in the German nursing care facilities. You probably have little time to be happy about it extensively. The next layers are, and the corona crisis is far from over.

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