To prolong youth is possible through immune system

To prolong youth is possible through immune system


The specialists at Harvard medical school have discovered the mechanisms of aging and rejuvenation in direct connection with the immune system of the body. Scientists said: the extension of youth possible, provided that in the young state will remain and immune system.

To such conclusion the researchers came after a series of experiments on mice. They drew attention to the fact that the body of older animals there was a lack of components of the immune system (T cells or different T-lymphocytes), which are involved in protective processes. Amid this deficiency increases the level of inflammation, violates the integrity of the cell structures of the body and thereby speeding up aging.

“In aged mice, the activity of lymphocytes was low, and new cells grew too slowly. Besides, he was prepared for a quick death for a slow metabolism that blocked the function of division and self-healing,” he told the scientists about the activities of immune cells in aging.
Their theory is that by activating cells of the immune system, it is possible to pay back the aging process, thus prolonging the youth of the body. Activation of T-cells, in their opinion, possible by acting on the two components of cellular metabolism, including formate and glycine. According to scientists, these substances are effective in protecting body cells from damage and death, and also stimulate synthesis of new. In experiments with mice, their activation resulted in a decrease of the deficit of lymphocytes, which in turn strengthens the immune system and made the body older individuals less likely to develop complications ofinfection diseases. In other words, the body was rejuvenated.

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