The woman refused to transplant the heart without $10 000 for drugs

The woman refused to transplant the heart without $10 000 for drugs


A resident of the United States denied a heart transplant as long as it does not collect $10 000. Moreover, the money need not to pay for the surgery and medication required after.

On Martin from the city of Grand rapids, Michigan has long been urgently needed a new heart, but the hospital where the woman is treated, refused to carry out the operation and offered to the patient to collect $10 000. Money need not to pay for the transplant, which is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the purchase of medicines for immune suppression required in the recovery period. The hospital management decided that if a woman does not have money to buy these drugs, that donor heart would deny, and therefore, the operation will be conducted in vain. So instead of this heart better to give to some more creditworthy to the recipient.

Hedda is included in the waiting list of the United States for a heart transplant, which has 3,000 patients. She is suffering from heart failure where her heart is not able to adequately distribute blood throughout the body. The disease is steadily progressing, it is impossible to cure, and the only way to save the life of a patient is a heart transplant. Last year, Hedda has tried to change diet, increase physical activity, it has fulfilled other recommendations to save the remaining healthy heart. The woman also took the pills from high blood pressure and even passed through a dropper. But now the woman is on the stage when it can save only a heart transplant.

Required for buying drugs $10 000 Hedda is trying to raise through crowdfunding platform on the Internet. However, the doctors offered her an alternative in the form of the installation of special devices help the left ventricle, which will help the heart to contract more intensely. But if it will put this device, it will most likely exclude from the number in critical need of a heart transplant. And the device is unlikely for too long will prolong her life or improve its quality. (READ MORE)