The heart of a former smoker is restored after 15 years

The heart of a former smoker is restored after 15 years


The heart of a smoker requires at least 15 years to recover after a person decides to quit. That’s why it’s so important to end the habit as early as possible.

Smokers must wait 15 years after quitting bad habits to the risk of development of heart attacks and strokes were the same as those who never smoked. Previous studies have shown that ex-smokers risk of stroke stabiliziruemost for 5 years after they quit. New observations have shown that this period should be increased three times. This is the first major study, which was conducted in large groups. By analyzing information on 8 700 patients over 50 years, scientists from the U.S. found that for ex-smokers the process of restoring the heart to normal values takes much more than 10 years.

Nicotine and other harmful substance in tobacco significantly damage the heart and blood vessels. And cardiovascular system of the smoker is recovering from breaking a bad habit most rapidly. And if it is required for this entire 15 years, you can imagine how long it will take for a full recovery, for example, the lungs or the brain. Here is another reason to never touch cigarettes. Especially when you consider that heart disease and blood vessels are the leading cause of population mortality in Russia and many other developed countries.

The prevalence of cardiovascular diseases increases, despite some decline in the popularity of Smoking. This is due to the influence of such factors as obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. But rather than the cigarette is completely out of fashion, the greater the likelihood that heart attacks and strokes will claim the lives of a smaller number of Russians. (READ MORE)