Smartphones 7 times dirtier than toilet seats toilet

Smartphones 7 times dirtier than toilet seats toilet


Mobile phones seven times dirtier than a toilet chairs, as shown by a new study. Protective cases for phones only aggravate the situation.

It is difficult today to imagine a modern man who would not holding a smartphone.These comfortable and modern devices perform many functions and really make our life easier. But many of us will be surprised if they knew how much bacteria resides on the surface of the average smartphone. The study showed that the level of contamination by these pathogens, these surfaces are dirtier than the lavatory bowl. And bacteria on smartphone 7 times more than the toilet, which is very hard to believe. Especially a lot of these pathogens in different kinds of smartphone covers and cases made of artificial leather and plastic.

The study involving office workers showed that 40% of them go to the toilet with smartphones in hand. That’s why researchers took samples of surface smartphones and using special microscopes, with special illumination set the level and diversity of microbes that inhabit the device. The comparison was carried out similar measurements with the toilet seats toilets, which also has a lot of bacteria. Researchers from the University of Aberdeen found on smartphones lots of different pathogens, but the good news is that unlike toilet seats in public restrooms, on smartphones live our own bacteria. Because of this the probability of catching any infection are much lower. In public places, we run the risk of contact with the bacteria that are left there by other people.

Magicforum recalls that in 2011, scientists at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine found that one in six mobile phone infected fecal material, including bacteria E. coli that cause food poisoning and abdominal pain. Last year a similar study found that bacteria on the surface of the smartphones has the potential to reward its users with the most serious disorders of the stomach. (READ MORE)