Scorpion venom can help treat brain

Scorpion venom can help treat brain


The Spanish explorers got the idea to use Scorpion venom to treat brain disorders, said the journal Chemical Communications. How could install scientists from chlorotoxin peptide in Scorpion venom helps to deliver medication to the outbreak of the disease, overcoming the blood-brain barrier. This protective barrier has the ability not to pass to the brain substances of medical drugs, which complicates the treatment of its pathologies.

The idea of using Scorpion venom as a guide to the treatment of brain substances was put forward by the members of the Institute of biomedical research in Barcelona. Their discovery may contribute to significant progress in the treatment of diseases of the brain, as the problem of overcoming the blood-brain barrier (BBB) makes many useful medications which are virtually useless. The scientists noted that about 98 percent of the drugs not able to cross this barrier, and, therefore, may have therapeutic applications.

The authors were able to synthesize several compounds based on protein isolated from contained in the Scorpion venom of chlorotoxin. Further tests showed that the protein enables the transfer of compounds through the protective barrier of the brain with a very high degree of efficiency.

“Our goal is to make drugs hit the brain. To achieve this, they can be linked to peptides, specifically designed to cross the threshold”, – quotes the edition of researchers.
In previous studies, as the carrier through the BBB scientists have successfully used a peptide of bee venom – apamin.

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