Russia in the end of the list of countries by birth rate

Russia in the end of the list of countries by birth rate


Scientists have named the country with the highest fertility rate. For example, women in Niger give birth during the life of 7 children and a native of Cyprus, only one.

Russia faces severe demographic crisis for the whole period of its history, and the authorities have taken various measures to stimulate fertility. However, this is a problem for people in many developed countries. Today women give birth to far fewer babies than it was 70 years ago, but the population of our planet is still rapidly increasing. The fact is that if in developed countries the birth rate is falling, the poor is growing rapidly, as it does not seem paradoxical, because that is where people are the hardest to live.

The new birth rate has shown that Cyprus is in last place with one child within a woman’s life. And leads the list of the African country of Niger, where women give birth to during the life of 7 children. The list of 91 countries, women who give birth less than two children for life, got UK, USA, Australia and, unfortunately, Russia. Meanwhile, for the natural reproduction of the population the fertility rate needs to be at least two children per woman.

Among the leaders in the birth rate an African country Chad, Somalia, Mali, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and Nigeria. Africa tightly dominates this ranking, and the only non-African country is Afghanistan, whose women give birth to 6 children in their lifetime. Russia is also among the leaders of the countries with the highest mortality due to outbreaks of various kinds of diseases, including infections, violence, and natural disasters. (READ MORE)