Rat hepatitis threatens humanity

Rat hepatitis threatens humanity


Scientists have determined with a new disease after in Hong Kong, there are few cases of transmission of a strain of hepatitis E from rats to man. Thus, it follows from the comments of researchers, hepatitis rat is no longer rat, and can now threaten humanity. About the possibility of an epidemic of rat hepatitis among people the newspaper reports Science Alert.

“Viruses in animals can infect human through a not yet known mechanism” – said the scientists.
In human society, hepatitis E is considered a disease of unsanitary conditions – it is transmitted via dirty water, objects or hands. How rat hepatitis was transmissible and was able to spread from rodents to people rats, scientists still can not say. Presumably diseased rat hepatitis could eat food with traces of excrement of infected animals.

“There is reason to believe that the hepatitis E virus, transmitted mainly by mixing drinking water with feces of rodents, transmissible to humans through scratches from the claws and bites of rats,” added the researchers.
The first reported human case of infection with rat hepatitis was recorded in the year 2017: a woman said it about the rat bite. In September 2018, China was the second case of transmission of hepatitis rat man: a man went to the hospital complaining of a strange illness, and a more thorough examination revealed that his blood traces of viral hepatitis E, the same that was discovered at the bitten woman.

Can rat hepatitis to threaten all mankind? Scientists admit that “rat epidemic” might break out in Hong Kong in the coming two years.

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