Opened genes dementia

Opened genes dementia


Researchers from the University of California has discovered genes, disruption of which significantly increases the probability of the person of dementia.

Dementia is also called senile dementia, but not everyone in old age, even very deep, develops this pathology. At the same time, more and more data show that dementia can affect people at the age after 40 years. Perhaps the opening of American scientists explains why this is so.

“We opened two groups of genes, mutations in which cause increased production of the Tau protein. It was his accumulation is observed in the destruction of neurons typical of dementia,” reported the scientists.
Genes of dementia were discovered during experiments on mice. Experts were involved in several lines of rodents, however, the work of each was obtained similar data. In humans, the researchers believe, there is a similar mechanism for the development of dementia associated with pathological changes in the activity of some genes.

Today, dementia has almost 50 million people worldwide. Recorded almost annually 8 million new cases of the disease. Dementia is spreading as the world’s population is aging rapidly. In 30 years, according to who forecasts, the number with dementia will reach 115 million people. Currently, dementia is incurable, but at a very early stage the disease can be slowed down.

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