Insulin for all diabetics is not enough

Insulin for all diabetics is not enough


Experts speaking on the publication of the medical journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, has made a disappointing forecast about the growing number of diabetics and insulin deficiency. Scientists believe that after 12 years, half of diabetic people who need insulin will be faced with the fact that insulin will be missed.

“Insulin for all diabetics is not enough. Maintaining the current level of availability of insulin, half needing insulin diabetics by 2030 will have access to it” – according to scientific experts.
Insulin is needed when the disease diabetes of the 1st type, and in some cases, 2 diabetes type. The scientists say that by 2030 will increase dramatically the number of diabetics suffer from type two diabetes (projected to increase from 406 million to 511 million adults). The development of 2 diabetes the type closely linked to a way of life – it is largely contribute to poor nutrition, obesity, immobility, and sleep disorders.

79 million diabetics suffer from a disease of the second type will need insulin, scientists say. But all of them insulin is not enough. Due to the fact that in some regions of the insulin therapy is costly, and pricing the market determines the controlling of a large company, the available insulin is only 38 million people. Mostly this happens in Africa, Asia and Oceania, the researchers believe.

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