How to find the correct dosage liquid medicines?

How to find the correct dosage liquid medicines?


Drops are easier to swallow than tablets. The correct dosage can be difficult, because the drug too quickly from the bottle träufelt. What should patients

The dosing of flüone of the remedies comes down to the right Tropfengröße. The type of bottle plays a role

They are individually metered, often act very quickly and are für all who have problems to swallow tablets or capsules. Flüvinegars medicinal product, such as drops of important dosage forms &ndash are therefore; in the case of ingestion, however häoften errors happen. Not always the f&uuml this way, for example, ;r is the correct dose of the required drops exactly abzuzämiss. To do this, the Patient needs time, concentration and good eyes.

Sometimes the drops fall too fast or too slow from the bottle. This happens mostly when Flüreliability in the fine Belüftungsröhrchen of the drip design, for example, because the bottle geschüttelt or lying down was kept. What to do?

So the bottle drips properly again

Usually genüa light tap of the Bottle base gt with a Finger. Alternatively, the upright standing bottle with a kräbusy jerk on the Tischfläche knock to the Belüftungsröhrchen to empty. "Not a drip device on the bottle manipulieren", Nikolai Kupsch, a pharmacist in Berlin says. Also to kräftiges Knock or Schübeg the dosage of the drug verächange.

Für is an exact application rät Kupsch, the patient, the instructions in the package leaflet or ask the pharmacist. Depending on the design of the Tropfers you have to, for example, the bottle in ­a certain Position to keep. Two systems can be distinguished, the edge – and Central dropper.

Central dropper vertically, edge droppers schräg!

Für the Latter is a fine Röhrchen in the middle of the drip device characteristic. "Such droppers müshooting absolutely perpendicular, so that the correct Tropfengröße abgeben", as Kupsch. The rare edge of the dropper, however, müshot schräg to be held. The volume of the drops hänot only to the Flüreliability, but also of the Abtropffläche.

How important is the right Tropfengröße is also emphasized by Dr. Wolfgang Kircher, dosage forms expert from the Bavarian Peißenberg: "The drop volume may vary in the case of a false application by up to 25 percent."

In the case of vegetable or homöhomeopathic PräPat was the für the therapy is not important, Kircher. But in the case of potent drugs, such as psychotropic drugs. 

In case of doubt, in the pharmacy, ask

Even those who already läViking drops must take can plöin addition to problems &ndash are; for example, when patients on the basis of Rabattverträgene to receive the drug from a different manufacturer. The drippers are maybe designed differently. In the pharmacy you can answer questions on it. 

On uncomplicated dosage in special bottles pumps with dosing. Some pharmaceutical companies offer their drugs in this dosage form. Especially in the case of strong analgesics such as opioids is für patients an important Unterstüup.

Eye and ear drops are easier to dose

In contrast to PräPat swallowed müshooting, eye and ear drops are not necessarily the precise drop volume. Überschüsingle storey Flüreliability spült about the eye following the application immediately by the Tränenkanäle. Only about 7.5 micro liters of beträgt is the volume of the Tränenfilms in the eye. For comparison: The drops of a medicinal product is approximately four to fünfmal so groß.

Thus, genügt, therefore, is to bring every time you apply a single drop into the eye. The best &uuml succeed;over the conjunctival SAC. Some patients with Tropfaufsäprotect easier in the pharmacy. However, it is also something Übung required. Important: Not all eye drops are compatible easily with contact lenses. You don’t ask in the pharmacy if you are not sure. Or soft für the duration of therapy on a pair of glasses.

Dizziness? Ear drops pre-anwäRMS!

Ear drops are also usually quite straightforward. Pharmacist Nicholas Kupsch recommends that the dropper bottle before in Hand on Köbody temperature anzuwäRMS, an unpleasant Käto avoid ltereiz in the ear. Such a lovely köcould be painful and may even cause dizziness.

When Einträufeln: the head slightly to the side, tilt the ear slightly upward and backward pull. This provides dafür, the normally gekrüfew key Gehörgang is just. The most z&auml get;hflüone drop of well to the site of action.

Note Flüssigarzneimitteln the grace period

  • After opening most of the Fl&uuml keep;ssigarzneimittel not for long. Write down the date you opened it on the package.
  • Especially eye and ear drops, in spite of preservatives often only for a very short shelf life.
  • The leaflet informed üabout shelf life and storage time.
  • Dispose of the drug anschließend with the Restmüll, not üabout the Spüle or the toilet, in order not to burden the wastewater.

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