High people are more susceptible to cancer

High people are more susceptible to cancer


Employees of the University of California concluded that high people are more susceptible to cancer. With the parameters of human growth, as shown by their study, linked with the emergence of 18 types of cancer.

Long people have stronger susceptibility to some oncological diseases, – with this view came after analyzed data collected during several studies that have found correlations between cancer risk and the growth of people in Norway, Korea, Austria and Sweden.

In the end, the experts were able to assess the exposure of 23 types of malignant tumors, correlating with growth rate. It turned out that tall people are prone to cancer due to the fact that their organisms more cells. According to scientists, for high people, their growth determines the propensity for 18 types of cancer, including skin cancer, thyroid, intestines, uterus and breast. An increased amount of growth hormones promotes a greater number of cell divisions – in this case, accordingly, increasing the risk of cell mutations that cause cancer.

“Women have every 10 centimeters of height increases the risk of developing cancer by 13%, men 11%”, – experts have found.
The only type of cancer that has no correlation with growth is cervical cancer, said the researchers.

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