Enadenotucirev virus can treat cancer

Enadenotucirev virus can treat cancer


British researchers have modified the virus Enadenotucirev, giving him the ability point to hit cancer cells without affecting the immune system. The researchers tested the ability of the virus in cancer treatment in terms of laboratory tests, as well as in experiments on mice, and these experiments proved to be successful.

Virus Enadenotucirev still early attracted the attention of scientists. In particular, it was proposed to use for the treatment of cancer. But such treatment is carried large risks: the virus could act not only on cancer cells, but cellular mechanisms of the body, which prevent the destruction of the immune system.

“Drugs for treating cancer, have the ability to destroy healthy fibroblasts, which are the shield of immunity at cellular level. This contributes to the fact that in the bone marrow and the skin toxins and experience severe side effects,” explained the scientists.
Their experiences with the modification of the virus Enadenotucirev is an attempt to solve this problem. And, it seems that the decision of the scientists actually found. Adding in the virus’s genetic instructions, they made the infected cancer cells to produce the protein – bespecifically T-cell stimulator. Its synthesis, in turn, launched the process that led to the death of a substances, protect cancers.

In the case of carcinoma-like substance surrounding the tumor and can protect the residual after treatment, cancer cells from the final death. Thanks again cancer can begin to grow. Virus Enadenotucirev can provide treatment of cancer by destroying those of the defenders of the tumors.

Scientists conducted tests on the cancer cells of the colon and healthy bone marrow cells, and then experiments on mice. They got a positive result: an updated virus Enadenotucirev hit only cancer cells. Specialisty admit that this method of cancer treatment soon you will experience the people.

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