Doctors forced to impose paid services

Doctors forced to impose paid services


Held the all-Russian popular front (onf) research has shown that in the Russian hospitals there is a practice of imposing special patients is not always necessary for them to pay for medical services. In particular, the informal pressure from the leadership, forcing patients to offer paid services, said a quarter of Russian doctors.

As reported in front, 24.5% of physicians responded affirmatively to the question “have you had any informal directives from management about the priority of commercial medical services?”. The organizers of the survey believe that the actual percentage of doctors who are forced to impose paid services is much higher.

In favor of the opinion of experts say they have received data in some regions. For example, a survey in the Murmansk and Vologda regions found that the number of doctors there forced to promote paid services amounted to 40%, in Lipetsk region – 50%. Only the study covered 85 regions of Russia, respondents in it were four thousand health workers. . The fifth part of them admitted that patients had to impose even payments for services included in the scope of the system of compulsory medical insurance (OMS).

“This is a very common phenomenon associated with the lack of funding. The cause of the problem was the need for the administrators of President’s decrees on increase of salaries of the personnel”, – commented on the current trend, the co-chair of the trade Union of health workers “Action” Andrey Konoval.
In onf policy paid services at public clinics associated with the shortage of personnel and low rates of OMS.

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