Created gel for the prevention of metastases

Created gel for the prevention of metastases


Gel in spray form that must be used during operations to remove tumors created by California scientists – its composition prevents the appearance of metastases. This is due to the fact that the gel stimulates the immune system.

Cancers often return. The authors of the new developments, the staff of the University of California-Los Angeles found a way to make surgical removal of cancers more effectively, preventing the development of metastases.

The composition of this gel are biodegradable particles of calcium carbonate containing antibodies against the protein CD47. This protein is a defender of tumors: it prevents the immune cells to recognize and destroy malignant components. His “off” allows the immune system to more effectively fight tumors and prevent their metastasis.

The gel was tested on mice, which was removed melanoma (skin cancer). The researchers were able to ensure that they have created a gel that stops the re-growth of cancer cells that remain after surgery – not only at the application site, but in General in the body. The experiment showed that the gel created to combat the metastases, has no toxic effect on healthy tissue and cells.

The novelty will continue to test to determine the right concentration. After that, the researchers intend sushestvitelnoe trials involving humans.

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