Cold nose gives lie

Cold nose gives lie


It turns out that the temperature of the nose gives lie of man: in particular, when attempting deception, it decreases. That cold nose may be a marker lies, learned scientists from the University of Granada.

“The temperature of the human nose tells whether he spoke the truth, cold nose often produces a lie,” said the researchers.
Specialists conducted an experiment in which participants had to try to deceive their loved ones on the phone. Observation showed that in the case lies the human nose grows cold. During the experiments the temperature of the nose of the subjects have decreased by 1.2 degrees.

In addition, try to lie contributed to the warming in the area of the forehead. According to the co-project scientist Emilio Gomez Milan, a cold nose is associated with the processes caused by the excitement that a person feels compelled to speak the truth. In addition, attempts lies make more active work of the brain and increased mental work leads to rise in temperature, a forehead warmer.

Milano said that “the method of cold nose and warm forehead,” ten percent more accurate lie detector. The impact was confirmed in 80% of trials.

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