Children with HIV in Russia is the worst of all are doctors

Children with HIV in Russia is the worst of all are doctors


A study of the charity Fund “Children” showed that children with HIV who are cared for by foster parents in Russia, is constantly faced with discrimination – it was reported in half of the families with such children. Sad, but worst of all for HIV-positive children are treated by medical personnel.

46% of parents involved in the education of foster children with HIV, said: violation of the rights of the child in connection with the diagnosis they have faced in health care organizations. For comparison: the oppression in schools, children with HIV, said only 12% of respondents were discriminated against in the kindergarten – 13%. These data were voiced at a roundtable in the Public chamber of Russia, dedicated to family and children with the immunodeficiency virus.

“It turns out that doctors, who are supposed to be the first to enter the position of a sick child, first trying to shame and restrict the rights” – said in this regard, the moderator of the round table Elvira Garifulina.
Olga Kiryanova, head of the charity Fund “Children,” said that the ambulance sometimes refuses to take HIV-positive children, although to do this the staff of the ambulance are not eligible. Present at the event mother’s HIV-positive children also shared experiences. One of them, Olga Baturina, said that after learning about the diagnosis of the child in the hospital at the place of residence refused to do emergency surgery and had to be taken to Filatov hospital, a long wait for their turn, which ultimately impact on child health.

In General, the results of the research Fund, 55% of foster parents of children with HIV in Russia faced “with misunderstanding, discrimination and violation of the rights of the child.”

“In Russia, in 1990-ies of XX century, most people have formed an opinion about HIV as a terrible,fatal disease. That in the XXI century drugs became available that allow people with HIV to live a full and long to be harmless, that there is a generation of children born with HIV, society does not know. These children are victims of prejudices and ignorance, the adults will not accept them in a circle, camp or daycare, to refuse medical aid”, – noted in the Fund.
It recalled that according to the Federal law “On prevention of dissemination in the Russian Federation of the disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus” from 30.03.95 years, it is unacceptable to restrict the rights of people living with HIV.

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