See Kim Kardashian’s Trainer’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

See Kim Kardashian’s Trainer’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation


Kim Kardashian found her trainer Melissa Alcantara in the pro’s early days as a fitness influencer. Now, the health guru has shared a new before and after pic that shows just how amazing her weight loss and body transformation truly is.


On Friday, April 12, Alcantara posted a photo to Instagram of herself when she was pregnant with her daughter Bella in 2011 and a current photo highlighting her six-pack abs and muscular frame. “Dear Veteran mommas, first time mommas and mommas to be,” she started the motivational caption, “1. If you work for it, you’ll get it back, sometimes even better 2. Stretch marks are ok, most of them go away and you WILL ACCEPT THEM 3. Saggy skin tightens up, maybe not but it does 4. There is no magic cream.”

The mom has catalogued her weight loss progress on her account, @fitgurlmel, since 2014. Along the way, Alcantara turned into a fitfluencer. She began training Kardashian, 38, after the reality star noticed her social media posts. Now a professional trainer and bodybuilder, the Bronx native competed in NBC’s The Titan Games in January 2019 and won.

The petite former waitress, 34, has been open with fans about getting up to 200 pounds during pregnancy and keeping 40 extra pounds on for two years. Feeling depressed, she began following the Insanity program after seeing an infomercial for it in late 2013. After seeing progress, she kept going, dropped more weight, started focusing on nutrition as well — and then created her own eight-week body sculpting program.

When she’s leading Kardashian’s tough workout sessions, she often exercises with her. “I feel like that gets her into it and she sees that I’m working just as hard as she is,” the pro told Us in January 2019.

And as she reminded her fans in her Instagram post, there are no shortcuts to fitness and health results. “There are no tricks or drinks or waist trainers or specific belly pooch exercises,” she wrote. “IT TAKES YEARSSSS OF CONSISTENCY!!! IMA SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! YEARSSSSS OF CONSISTENCY. So before you quit ask yourself if you ever really started!”

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