Caitríona Balfe Says She Understands Gender Inequality Better After Becoming a Mom

Caitríona Balfe Says She Understands Gender Inequality Better After Becoming a Mom


Sometimes having kids teaches us important lessons, and recently Caitríona Balfe revealed becoming a mom to her 3-month-old son with husband Anthony Gill helped her see the different ways men and women were treated in film crews. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Balfe opened up about how her understanding of gender inequality in film crews has changed since becoming a mom to a baby boy (whose name has not been revealed).

“By the time you get to a certain age, if you want to have a family at all, you end up stepping off that ladder and I think it’s very hard for them to come back in,” she said about women taking a break from their careers to become mothers. “That’s something we need to address as an industry because I look at our camera crew, all amazing guys, all of them have become fathers in the eight years we’ve been filming, but not one of them has had to give up their position.”

The Belfast and Outlander star previously told SheKnows that she wants to direct Outlander’s seventh season. In the Vanity Fair article, she said, “It’s something I’ve been talking about doing on the show. It’s falling a little on deaf ears.”

She added, “It would’ve been the perfect chance for me in a very safe space. I’m so close with all of our camera crew, and they were always having conversations about what lens they’re using and what frame it is and they’re really always super helpful in giving me as much information as I want. It’s a shame, but out of my hands.”

We love seeing this actress and former model raising awareness and speaking up about her experience with gender inequality! While we can’t see her direct yet (fingers crossed it’s soon!), for now we will have to be satisfied watching Balfe act as a mother in 1960s Ireland in Belfast, which premiered Sept. 2021.

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