With these foot care tips you tell corneal the fight

With these foot care tips you tell corneal the fight


Their feet are heavily loaded, can lead to uncomfortable horn forms a skin. FOCUS-Online-Experte Shinji Takagi knows the causes and gives tips on what you can do about it.

How is the cornea?

Horn is an accumulation of Horny cells, protects the particularly heavily loaded areas of skin skin generally. But apart from that she looks simply beautiful, it can develop to untreated pain, corns and as a result, the movement limit. It arises mainly in Places that are exposed to constant strain or friction. Especially the soles of the feet, hand and inner sides of the tops of the toes are affected. These are also very dry and therefore particularly sensitive to pressure. Also can develop in the cornea by scar tissue, which has not been maintained sufficiently. Resulting keloid scars can arise, which are characterized by hardening and inelastic skin surface. Which is popularly referred to as “calluses” referred to the cornea can be easily identified by keys.

About the author

Shinji Takagi is since 2010 part of LIBERTA CO. As International Manager of Baby’s Foot and an expert on foot health and care, it helps to wear since then, the Knowledge of beautiful, well-groomed feet in the world.

What is the difference between cornea and dry skin?

Dry feet are characterized by the fact that fine cracks are seen in the skin. Especially in high-wear areas like the heel and the Fußrändern, this can lead to unpleasant itching or Margins. In most cases, this can be through the Use of moisturizer to counteract. However, if you recognize a strong smell, or larger skin scales peel off, would it, to seek wise an opinion from the doctor. Cornea on the other hand, arises from the fact that the horn cells (Corneocytes) that protrude from the Epidermis to the surface and due to pressure on the skin area not in a natural way can scaling. This leads to an accumulation of cells and makes the skin appear thicker.

Expert tip: Natural Remove instead of rasp and plane

The first step in the formation of horn to counteract the skin, is to leave the narrow shoes time in the Cabinet to reduce the pressure on highly vulnerable Areas. Who is for health or cosmetic reasons, the decision to remove his cornea, of mechanical methods! Tools, such as a horn, a plane or a rasp, skin increase the risk of injury tremendously, which can lead to unpleasant itching and in the worst case, to inflammation. For aesthetic and health reasons, it is here wiser to rely on a natural way of Abschuppens. Cornea can be treated with natural scrubs and creams. Soaking in the Aloe Vera-water bath, and everyday Lotion with high-quality skin care creams based on Shea Butter then speed up the healing process of the feet and provide you with enough moisture.