What you can and can’t eat before and after operations

What you can and can’t eat before and after operations


For the success of the surgery, you need to carefully monitor their own food before and after the procedure. German experts told what foods are recommended and which to eliminate from the diet.

Depending on the type of surgical operation the patient assigns a particular table or diet. It is usually soft foods that should be consumed temporarily or even permanently.This is especially true of patients receiving surgical treatment for stomach ulcers. In this case, adherence to medical recommendations is vital. Someone can drink mango juice, eat white rice, avocados and bananas, lean on fruit and vegetables, and someone recommended only broths and mashed potatoes.

However, there are foods that definitely better not to use before and after surgery. These include corn, dried fruit, whole beans, toast and crackers, raw vegetables, berries, meat, roasted vegetables, coconuts, sodas, different kinds of flour products. Of course, not very useful every day to eat sausage, ham, or sausage. Categorically exclude from the diet of alcohol because it can exacerbate your condition and significantly increase the recovery period.

Mashed potatoes with vegetables almost always acceptable for patients undergoing surgery. Do not go overboard with salt, as it increases blood pressure. If the taste seems too bland, add a little grated peas and yogurt. Healthy sometimes chicken broth, to which you can add some celery, onions, carrots, and some salt. In any case, be sure to consult with your doctor about what you can eat and what is not recommended. (READ MORE)