Strict diets increase belly fat

Strict diets increase belly fat


Scientists from Georgetown University became convinced of the paradoxical effect of strict diets – “thanks” to such diets, as it turned out, the fat on your stomach only increases starting harder to accumulate in this area. The effect of crash diets may be fast, but leads to dangerous long-term health effects showed their experiments.

“Strict diets cause short-term changes in the body that contribute to negative long-term consequences for the body. These diets help to increase the amount of abdominal fat,” said the scientists.
This conclusion was made in the experiment, which involved rats suffering from obesity. When animals were transferred on a strict diet, seriously restricting calories in animals, they are really fast to lose weight. However, the body of rodents pretty quickly adapted to the hard ration by responding to it by slowing down physiological processes. In particular, in rats decreased the arterial pressure indices, heart rate, renal function.

But after the termination of strict diet rodents returned to its previous state, and then quickly began to gain weight. After 3 months of diet in animals, an increase in abdominal fat and reduced muscle mass compared with control animals.

Experts advise not to resort to harsh methods of weight loss – the consequences of such attempts can be unpredictable and instead of weight suddenly to give him a raise.

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