Smaller meals will help you not to gain weight in the winter

Smaller meals will help you not to gain weight in the winter


Frequent eating throughout the day in small portions, is a basic condition a fractional power. This method provides constant satiety and rapid metabolism, which helps not to gain weight in the winter.

Stick to a fractional power in winter advised by the dietician Victoria Savitskaya. According to the specialist, the food, eaten in small portions and in the correct combination, more rapidly absorbed and does not overload the digestive tract, liver. Moreover, such a diet encourages the digestive system constantly working, which helps to speed up the metabolism and not gain weight.

The nutritionist advised to eat in the winter fractionally every 2-3-4 hours.

“It is better to eat little and often, than 2 times a day, cheaperfume, second, salad, dessert and compote. To digest many things at once will be difficult, therefore, something will settle on the waist” – shared his opinion].
The doctor recommended after waking up, first thing drink a glass of clean water. Half an hour later you can drink coffee and start Breakfast. For Breakfast, the expert considers it useful to boil eggs or make an omelet with whole-wheat toast or two slices of cheese. Two hours after Breakfast, drink a Cup of tea with crackers or oat biscuits, or eat a favorite fruit. After two or three hours to have lunch. After two or three hours after lunch is not forbidden to eat – for example, fruit salad, tea with dried fruit, handful of nuts. Dinner, experts advise not later than three hours before bedtime.

Speaking about preferred food in the winter, the doctor noted that the lunch during the cold season must be hot. Dinner is better to give preference to plant foods or low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese – meat or fish should be eaten a day.

Also the diet should include legumes. Earlier Magicforum wrote about the fact that eating legumes helps to get rid of excess weight without major effort.