Programs weight loss don’t work

Programs weight loss don’t work


According to the data published in the thematic edition of the foreign, the vast majority of programs on weight loss don’t work and may even be able to bring more trouble to those who wanted to lose weight. According to experts, the success of these programs weight loss is associated primarily with aggressive marketing.

Scientific experts analyzed the results of the thematic reality show in which participants, who achieved the greatest weight loss, offered a cash prize. The researchers came to the conclusion that to lose weight with any system is extremely ineffective.

“The vast majority of programs that are aimed at weight reduction, can cause more problems, not help to achieve positive results”, – shared his opinion of scientists.
According to the researchers, the contestants of the reality, hudenkie different weight loss programs, all the same was returned to the former weight. In particular, experts reported that don’t work methods based on restricting calories. The experts noted that the most systems weight loss “can’t brag of positive dynamics”. Scientists spoke about the fact that of the popularity of the weight loss is largely due to the aggressive advertising campaigns with the participation of successful people.

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