Is it good to sleep during the day?

Is it good to sleep during the day?


Lack of sleep familiar to most people, so the opportunity to sleep during the day will help solve the problem. Scientists say that an afternoon NAP reduces mortality from cardiovascular disease, improves brain function, vision and restores the body. And how to sleep during the day? Let’s find out.

Decide to sleep

If you want to recover, take a NAP in the evening in slow-wave sleep. One and a half hours will be enough to gain strength.

If you need a creative lift — better to lie down in the afternoon. REM sleep takes about an hour.

From a short NAP (20 minutes) is also a benefit: it helps to get rid of the consequences of insomnia. You will become less sleepy and your head will work better in the next two hours.

What time to go?

The best time to sleep from 14:00 to 16:00, when the phase of slow and fast sleep together. That is six to eight hours after morning awakening.
But if you don’t want to sleep, especially to force myself not need.

A better coffee?

In California compared the effect of a Cup of coffee with the rest of the day. Found that sleep improves memory, as caffeine worsens or does not at all affect her.

The results of the study convinced the management of the company Hub Spot allow employees sleeping during the working day. For them are equipped special rooms with hammocks and subdued light.

If you can not sleep at night?

There is no substitute for a good night sleep. Scientists criticized the method of multiphase sleep, when the sleep interval for a couple of hours. For example, Leonardo da Vinci slept for 15-20 minutes every 4 hours. It is believed that it is possible to stay awake longer, but this theory was denied.

Why is it important?

We spend in sleep almost third of life. It regulates the brain, soothes and even struggles with depression and emotional trauma.

Doctors warn: due to lack of sleep developing heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

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