Ginger increases the activity of the brain and enhances memory

Ginger increases the activity of the brain and enhances memory


Ginger increases the durability of immunity, and also has the ability thins the blood, thus improving the supply the brain with oxygen. Eating dishes with ginger increases the activity of the brain and makes the memory stronger, scientists have concluded.

According to a study conducted in Thailand, the consumption of ginger improves cognitive functions. Experiment involving 60 middle-aged women showed that those who received a ginger extract, has been a significant strengthening of memory.

According to scientists, ginger increases the activity of the brain, slows down the aging and death of brain cells. Also its use for headaches. Due to the ability of ginger to improve memory and increase vitality and performance, doctors are advised to use agostadero during exams, as well as those people whose professional activity is connected with intellectual work and creativity.

This plant contains vitamins a, B, C, minerals magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus. Regular use of ginger is especially beneficial effect on the digestive system, helping indigestion and burping, protecting against the development of gastric ulcer. It provides over 40 vital antioxidants, and drinking ginger enhances immunity, increases the body’s resistance to various diseases, and also improves the condition of skin, slowing the aging process.

The best way to get a healthy dose of ginger is to use fresh root. It can be added to meals or brewed with tea. Drinking ginger tea (though quite long, within a few months) helps to get rid of one to two pounds of excess fat.

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