Four easy ways to lose weight

Four easy ways to lose weight


Lose weight without dieting or extra physical activity is possible is confirmed by the data of recent research. At least four easy ways help you to become slimmer through virtually all of the changes.

The first simple way to lose weight control gluten. The study by researchers from the University of Copenhagen have shown that a diet that has enough fiber and reduced in gluten, effectively helps to lose weight. According to experts, the increase in fiber and decrease in gluten contributes to such changes in the structure of the intestinal ecosystem of bacteria, which intensifies the processes of fat burning. To abstain from gluten not necessary, experts emphasize.

The second easiest way to lose weight: daily weigh. That this method works, have seen researchers from the USA, who for years followed the progress of volunteers seeking to lose weight. It turned out that the most noticeable weight loss occurred in those people who weighed six or seven times a week.

The third easy way to lose weight: follow the biorhythms. If human existence coincides with his biorhythms, his body without any effort from the outside to actively burn calories and lose weight, found researchers from Harvard Medical school. Experts advise to stand up and go to bed at the same time. At the same time to go to bed before midnight the better.

The fourth simple way to lose weight: intermittent fasting. Sounds scary, but actually it means that the daily requirement of calories should be consumed for only a few hours a day. In particular, scientists from the Salk Institute in California found that from a set of excess weight helps drinking daily amount of calories for ten hours, and the remaining fifteen only drink water and tea (without sweets).

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