Fatty fish and buckwheat will help severe diabetics

Fatty fish and buckwheat will help severe diabetics


The presence of type II diabetes indicates problems with blood sugar levels. There are simple changes in diet that reduce the rate of sugar in a natural way.

The number of patients with type II diabetes in Russia has grown substantially over the past few decades, because of the popularity of Western diet, that is, the culture of fast food. The Russians are rapidly gaining weight and moving less, but this is the risk factors for metabolic disorders. Along with the number of patients suffering from diabetes, and the growing number of victims of strokes and heart disease, because it is interconnected. In order to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, or to reduce the severity of its symptoms, it is necessary to change their diet. And so, I would suggest that on this occasion the experts.

First and foremost, you should reduce the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fats, choosing foods that contain a lot of fiber. Also huge benefits protein foods because they digest slowly, and because of this, the level of sugar in the blood rise gradually and not irregular. Fries can be replaced with sweet potato has a low glycemic index and contain lots of useful fiber. Refrain from eating large amounts of rice in favor of buckwheat, which is so loved by many Russians. Buckwheat also contains a low glycemic index, after its use is not observed surges of insulin.

The diet of the diabetic must be at least processed meat. Change the meat for fish, and especially fat. The less you eat frankfurters and sausages, and the more trout and tuna, so it is useful for regulating blood sugar levels. Oily fish provides our body with omega-3 acids, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease, which is very important for patients with diabetes. (READ MORE)