Do I need to take vitamin D tablets?

Do I need to take vitamin D tablets?


Some studies show that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and cancer, others that these things are not connected. Some suggest to take it in supplements, while others say that this is a fantasy of marketers. Let’s find out how things really are.

What is vitamin D?

Necessary for our body substance, which is formed under the action of ultraviolet radiation or fed with animal food.

How do they help?

  • helps to absorb calcium and phosphorus, through which is formed the bones;
  • previously it was thought that vitamin D controls the genes associated with risk of cancer, autoimmune diseases and infections. However, new Zealand scientists have found that there is no connection;
  • scientists believe that vitamin can prevent Alzheimers and other age-related ailments. But it is not yet proven;
  • it relieves inflammation. There are studies showing that tumor cell growth really slowed down;
  • protects against influenza. Supplementation with this vitamin (at least once a week) twice reduces the risk of respiratory infections. The fact that it increases the amount of antimicrobial peptides in the lungs.

What happens when his lack?

If you eat varied and often outdoors, you should not be a problem. But if the deficit shown by the analysis — do not panic. It’s not always about the disease, because the norm is different for all.

How to get vitamin D?

It is found in fish, eggs, liver, fish, cheese, eggs and milk. And yet it can be disadvantage can be filled simply from being in the sun. Solarium will not help: the lamp does not provide such as ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. And do not rush to buy vitamins — while research has not confirmed their effectiveness.

How to choose the right vitamin D?

British doctors recommend to take extra dietary supplements to the elderly, to strengthen bones. But so far this information is not confirmed clinical trials.

The rest need to be tested to determine whether they need an additive. Entrust the choice of drug a doctor and do not abuse vitamin. It can accumulate and cause poisoning.

Find out whether the child vitamin tablets from the plot of the program “Live healthy”