Bread is good for the heart

Bread is good for the heart


Experts from the University of Barcelona came to the conclusion that moderate consumption of bread is beneficial to the cardiovascular system of man. Researchers believe that by eating the bread, man restores the natural balance of cholesterol in your body.

The findings of scientists about the benefits of bread for the heart, scientists made by analyzing the data of observations of a group of 275 elderly participants who were high risk of heart disease and blood vessels. Experts interested in the peculiarities of lifestyle and daily diet of people in comparison with the performance of their medical examinations.

As a result, researchers have concluded that people who loved the bread and regularly used this product is significantly less likely to suffer from violations of functioning of cardiovascular system. Researchers found that those who eat bread, the ratio of “bad” and “good” cholesterol in the body is most healthy – thanks to stronger heart health.

“Bread is undeniably useful. Direct cause of weight gain bread is not. You only need to choose it whole grain varieties and not to forget about moderation,” concluded the authors.
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