Beginners one hour later, the students are honors

Beginners one hour later, the students are honors


Experiment with a later start date for school in schools was successful. The precipitating children get better grades and feel better.

In tens of thousands of Russian schools the classes start pretty early and this tradition is very old. In this case, and the children themselves and their parents repeatedly said that this time it would be wiser to move at least one hour later in order for students to better sleep. Scientists from the United States decided to check the validity of these assumptions and conducted a large scale experiment in Seattle by arrangement with the authorities. In 2017, local School Board moved the start time of schooling with the usual 7:50 to 8:45. This allowed to extend the sleep duration of local schoolchildren, on average, for 30 minutes.

The experiment was surprisingly successful. The academic performance of children who received an extra half hour of sleep has improved dramatically, as well as their punctuality and attentiveness. This particularly affected the adolescents from families with low incomes. Conducting this experiment scientists from the University of Washington said that the time offset of the start of training the school has enabled children with low academic performance increase to the average level in the school and it positively affected the overall condition of the educational process for all. Children from poor families have to learn almost as well as children from privileged families.

Some items jump in performance was especially noticeable. For example, in biology class average scores increased by 4.5%. Much reduced the number of absenteeism as arbitrary and in the hospital. It is possible that the results of this experiment will encourage other regional offices of education in the US to move the start time of school at least one hour. (READ MORE)