Avoiding alcohol will help to lose weight

Avoiding alcohol will help to lose weight


Scientists at Philadelphia University in the US found out: the main enemy of people suffering from body fat and wants to lose weight – alcohol. Complete rejection of it provides “a breakthrough in weight loss”. This statement of scientists published Eurek Alert.

“Total rejection of the use of alcohol in any form can not only quickly lose weight but also helps to stop the development of or to alleviate symptoms of type II diabetes,” said researchers.
In favor of this conclusion are the results of analysis of several experiments involving more than four thousand patients houdetsi using different techniques. Experts claim that the best effect in their attempts to lose weight was reached, the subjects have completely refused from alcohol.

According to the opinion of scientists, even short-term relief and booze (regardless of alcohol consumed the fortress) nullify the effectiveness of diets (regardless of their type). If alcohol is consumed on a regular basis, likely to lose weight almost does not remain. The study authors emphasize that alcohol has a “cumulative” effect, and even after the rejection he constantly drank people with excess weight within four will not be able to succeed in the struggle for a slender waist.

Previously, as already mentioned Magicforum scientists have concluded that there is a connection between addiction to alcohol and the climate in which man lives. The colder it is, the higher the risk of developing alcoholism.