As without dieting to pull the figure for the holidays

As without dieting to pull the figure for the holidays


Avoiding harmful drinks and food, smaller meals, increase in physical activity, can all help pull the figure for the Christmas season, without recourse to the diet, said nutritionist Lyudmila Babich. Also according to the specialist, you can become slimmer by getting rid of excess fluid in the body.

Nutritionist Lyudmila Babich explained that during the remaining holidays period without health consequences not bolee5 to lose pounds. In particular, pull the figure effectively help the consumption of clean drinking water. With a glass of slightly warm water (with lemon), the expert recommended to start every morning – it helps to activate the metabolism. Then, during the day, it is also useful to drink water.

“You need to drink often, without waiting for thirst – the water speeds up the metabolism. Abstain from alcohol, sweet drinks and packaged juices – so you will significantly reduce the calorie content of your diet,” said nutritionist.
To pull the figure to the holidays without dieting, not fasting, daily diet should be enough protein and carbohydrates, a bit of vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals. According to the doctor, has received less desired substances, the body slows down the metabolism and does not burn the fat around the waist.

Eat expert recommends frequently, but gradually.

Also, you need to increase your physical activity to move more, because it activates the excretion of excess fluid. Also relieve swelling parsley broth, infusion of chamomile tea, citrus, reduction of salt intake.

Just before the holidays, the doctor advised me to go to the sauna. Babich said that you can become more fit even after a single sauna, but ideally before the holidays better access to the sauna two or three times.

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