A glass of red wine is good for health? In fact, no

A glass of red wine is good for health? In fact, no


In April of this year, scientists from Cambridge University have calculated that without special harm for health can drink up to 100 g of pure alcohol per week. And this, for a moment, as much as 5 glasses of wine with the strength of 13%.

But before we rejoice, as a new study. Now scientists believe that alcohol does not threaten the health only when we completely refuse it.

Why even small doses of alcohol is dangerous?

Experts analyzed data from more than 400 thousand people and found that even 1-2 servings of alcohol 4 times a week increases the risk of premature death by 20%.

“It used to be that 1-2 standard servings much harm there But now we know that even a little drinking can increase the risk of death,” said the study’s author, Sarah Hartz, assistant Professor of psychiatry at Washington University.

This conclusion applies to young people, but, increasingly, older: “the Increased risk of death – is a particularly serious problem for older people who are at risk. Relatively few people die in 20 years, so increased mortality by 20% in this age is not so dangerous, but still significant. To the extent that, as people age, the risk of death from any cause increases,” says Sarah.

But they say that a glass of wine good for the heart?

Yes, there are studies that confirm this. But it seems that the risk outweighs the benefit, because alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer.

The findings of American scientists confirmed by the article published in the Lancet. The authors collected data 700 research and found that the health harm of any dose of alcohol, big and small.

But if I still want to drink, how to minimize risk?

In this case, just follow our tips:

  • Don’t combine alcohol with hot drinks or food. It injures the esophagus and increases the risk of developing cancer. Especially if you also smoke.
  • Choose expensive alcohol: with rare exceptions, it is tolerated by the body easier than a cheap.
  • Not eating heavy, greasy food. No butter or slices of fat before you drink: the fat with the alcohol overload your pancreas and may cause acute pancreatitis. And undigested food accumulates in itself the alcohol, and you can easily “bust”.
    Better eat seafood: they contain almost no fat. Fruit and slicing or salad also will be not superfluous: dietary fibers absorb the alcohol and help digestion.
  • Half an hour before the party, you can take activated charcoal: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. Then the alcohol will come faster and will not have time to poison the body decay products.

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