6 factors that help to extend the life of

6 factors that help to extend the life of


What are the things that prolong our lives? Sometimes quite simple, what were able to see scientists at Harvard University. Scientists call the factors that help prolong life, – this publication in the Daily Mail.

Factor one: positive thinking. Positive perception of its own existence directly is connected with reduction of stress level and helps to extend the life of a man seven and a half years.

The second factor: social activity. According to scientists, the active involvement of people in different activities is one of the best methods that help prolong life. Specifically, the delay of retirement reduces the risk of death by 11%.

The third factor: the children. Positive emotions associated with parental experience, negate the effects of stress and help prolong life for two years.

Factor four: walk. Walking with a rhythmical step in the amount of 150 minutes a week healthier heart and blood vessels, and this fact adds to a person’s life, four and a half years of life.

Factor five: an active sex life. With this aspect of life is a significant reduction in the risk of sudden death.

Sixth factor: the consumption of coffee. The research conducted on the island of Ikaria in Greece, where the main long-livers on the planet, showed that 87% of centenarians regularly consume boiled Greek coffee.

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