5 surprising reasons to lose weight Masoumeh

5 surprising reasons to lose weight Masoumeh


Many of us want to lose weight, but sometimes it does not work under any circumstances. From a morning Cup of coffee to inhaled air – experts have called 5 amazing reasons not allowing you to lose weight.

Coffee. It is an active stimulant of the nervous system, and among the many things that a coffee produces on the organism, it is possible to note a decrease in the level of blood sugar. It is logical to assume that coffee thus helps to burn extra calories, but when the sugar level in the blood decreases, the brain begins to look for food in order to recover this figure. And the signals about the actual saturation come into the brain of late. As a result, develops overeating and obesity.

Intense aerobic exercise. This item looks amazing, since intense aerobic activity like fast running and swimming we recommend for weight loss. Remember that after eating carbohydrates first used by the body as fuel, because they are easier to produce energy. When the body no carbohydrates, it is looking for alternative sources and begins to burn fat. After a quick run fat burns intensely, but only the first 20 seconds. In addition, the fat releases energy much slower than carbs. How to ensure that the extra calories burned in the aerobic training? And it needs to run slower, not faster, as paradoxical as it sounds. If we go through a very intense exercise, the body burns carbohydrates, if slower, then fats.

Salt and artificial sweeteners. Salt is necessary for us to control the amount of water in the body. It cannot be entirely excluded from the diet, as this is a crucial component of cellular metabolism. However, the excess salt is harmful and interferes with to lose weight. The same goes for artificial sweeteners that give us the feeling of real sugar, in reality the body does not receive. Jumps sugar level in the blood, and after the sweeteners we are drawn to something really sweet. If you want to substitute sugar, use honey, agave or beneficial sweeteners like stevia.

Sodas. Last year, researchers proved that carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks increases the production of hunger hormone ghrelin. From the level of this hormone depends on the strength of our appetite.

Air pollution. How dirty air can lead to excess weight? It turns out that there are many ways. In 2016, the researchers found that chronic exposure to certain contaminants the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome, including type II diabetes, hypertension and heart disease increases. Dirty air activates oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. (READ MORE)