5 mistakes in training that it is better not to commit in 2019

5 mistakes in training that it is better not to commit in 2019


Be sure to schedule regular visits to the gym in 2019, because physical activity brings a lot of benefits. But try next year to do these typical fitness mistakes.

Short rest. If you think that daily vigorous exercise can help to lose weight and find fit, you are wrong. The body burns calories and generates the desired proportions for us in times of rest, not training. If you relax enough, no effect of training will not. On the contrary, you will seriously hurt yourself.

Improper nutrition before and after workouts. Before and after exercise you need energy. This means that for a few hours before workouts and after a couple of hours after the need to eat. The first meal will help to provide the necessary energy for the loads, and the second will restore lost power. But it is very important to consume the correct food.

The rejection of the workouts. Be sure to spend 5-7 minutes to warm up before you start training. Especially if the exercise associated with the rise of tagaste. These rusticity need in order to prepare the body for the following loads, and so they do not become unpleasant shock.

Lack of sleep. Do not think that a healthy diet and exercise is all that is required for weight loss. Studies show that lack of quality sleep leads to obesity. If you don’t get enough sleep, exercise will not give the desired effect.

Unrealistic goal. Do not plan to lose 10 kg in two weeks or turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger in a few months. Performing serious tasks require serious and prolonged work. If you’re going to set ourselves unrealistic plans, then very quickly disappointed in the hotel. (READ MORE)