5 foods that make you look older

5 foods that make you look older


Age is all but certain – faster. To accelerate the aging can different factors, and some of them are quite preventable.

Experts talked about which foods accelerate the aging process and bad affect appearance. Try to reduce them to a minimum, and will be able to see the result.

Products that make you look older: sugar. Once in the body, sugar binds with proteins – this process is called glycation. In the result, the proteins lose their functionality, which negatively affects the cell structure. For example, due to glycation cease to function normally collagen and elastin – proteins responsible for skin elasticity. As a consequence, appear and deeper wrinkles.

Products that make you look older: TRANS fats. These substances “clog up” arteries and blood vessels that disrupts transportation on them of nutrients and oxygen. In this way the skin starts to look dull, loose, flabby. The richest sources of TRANS fats – margarine, chips, various fast food, industrial pastries.

Products that old salt.Because of the ability of salt to hold excess fluid in tissues, edema, and impaired metabolism that contributes to acne. Sagging and gray skin color is also a merit of salt, in a large amount present in the diet.

Products that make you look older: refined oil.This product is the result of a chemical distillation process, which not only cleans oil from harmful impurities, but also leaves it anything useful ? only vegetable fat and artificial additives. The use of refined vegetable oils increase the cholesterol levels and the production of sebum (sebum), causes rashes and inflammation on the skin an unhealthy color.

Products that make you look older: alcohol. It dehydrates and reduces the amount of antioxidants, damage to the liver. As a consequence, the skin condition deteriorates from oxidative processes, it becomes flabby and earthy, prone to wrinkles.

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