4 types of products that cause cancer

4 types of products that cause cancer


The incidence of cancer worldwide is increasing, and one of the factors that contribute to this, according to scientists, is the neglect of a healthy diet. Scientific experts talked about what types of products can cause cancer.

1 type of products that cause cancer, sugar. According to the data obtained by scientists from Belgium, the sugar can promote growth of malignant tumors is due to the fact that the process glagoliza (splitting of glucose) stimulates the proliferation of cancer cells. Researchers have linked excessive sugar consumption with the development of cancer of the rectum, breast and bladder. At the same time completely without sugar is impossible: its low concentration in the blood and the brain tissue was statistically correlated with a high risk of developing a malignant tumor of nervous tissue.

What do we need to abandon once and for all, is an artificial sweeteners. Sugar substitutes, artificial colors and flavors, as well as beverages and products that contain them can be very toxic to the body, doctors stress.. the Abuse of products containing sugar substitutes, which may lead to cancer of the throat, esophagus, stomach.

2 type of products that cause cancer: sausage products. Sausage recognized by the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) product with proven carcinogenic activity, its regular intake, experts associated with the development of colorectal cancer.
In addition, there is scientific evidence that the habit of eating a sausage can lead to the development of breast cancer. Instead of meat products is recommended scientists often use poultry or fish.

3 type of products that cause cancer: the product with high content of fat. Regular consumption of fatty foods (especially those containing TRANS fats and animal fat) acts as a stimulant division of stem cells in the intestinal tissues, causing growth of malignant tumors, is shown by experiments on mice. Scientists believe that the abuse of fat triggers irreversible cell mutation that lead to the possible appearance of cancer not only in the gut but in other organs.

4 type of foods that cause cancer: processed foods. Many scientists say that the cancer are not caused by specific foods, and the method of their preparation. Most dangerous in this respect ultramontana food – a variety of breads and pastries, carbonated drinks, cereals with sugar, convenience food, meat products. This food is high in sugar, fat and salt, despite the fact that it has almost no vitamins and fiber, and the process of digestion can trigger dangerous cell changes.

In addition, it is not necessary to eat foods with a long shelf life.

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