4 best ways to lose weight without dieting

4 best ways to lose weight without dieting


To lose weight with minimum effort and cost, the dream of all.Recent scientific studies show: lose weight without dieting is possible. But to lose weight without doing absolutely nothing, is more science fiction.

1 way to lose weight without diets: pill weight. In the United States by specialists of the medical Department of the University of Texas in Galveston was established drug, which affects the expression of protein NNMT, not allowing him to slow down fat metabolism in the body. In the experiment with mice that the drug contributed to the normalization of cholesterol in blood and a third have reduced the amount of white fat. Perhaps this is the best way to lose weight with virtually no effort – according to scientists, regular intake of such pills will allow you to lose weight without restricting yourself to the consumption of food.

2 way to lose weight without dieting: a walk in the cold. Japanese psychologists found that one of the best simple weight-loss techniques or is a regular presence in the cold. In particular, they could find that a daily two-hour walk in the frosty air for six weeks contributes to a significant increase in the concentration of brown fat in the body, which reduces stocks of white fat, so much unaesthetic.

3 way to lose weight without dieting: focus on low-carb products. Biologists from Rockefeller University came to the conclusion that minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates, you force the body to use as the primary source of energy not glucose, but fatty acids and ketones. While the body is configured to power saving mode, in which the muscles become more resilient, and the cells aging slower, so that this method can become not only best for getting rid of body fat, but also for maligawatte.

4 way to lose weight without dieting: drink tea. According to scientists from the University of California, in both black and green tea contains polyphenols, is the best substances that stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal micro-biota, i.e. bacteria, activating the processing of fat and hindering weight gain.

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