Warning to be careful with nail glue after product burned through girl's pyjamas

Warning to be careful with nail glue after product burned through girl's pyjamas


A lesson to all: be careful using beauty products you’ve ordered online.

That’s a warning that’s been issued by Warrington Borough Council after a girl experienced chemical burns from nail glue.

Mum Sarah Gallagher had bought her daughter, Chloe, a nail art kit for £21 online as a gift.

While using the kit Chloe accidentally spilled some glue on her legs.

The product immediately burned through Chloe’s pyjamas and on to her skin. Despite rushing to wash the glue off, the 15-year-old was left with chemical burns.

The teenager was referred to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool, where she was treated for second and third degree burns.

As you’d probably expect, none of that was a particularly pleasant experience. Chloe has been in a lot of pain and has needed to return to hospital multiple times to get her burns properly dressed.

It turns out the nail kit Sarah ordered online was manufactured in China, with the seller based in Hong Kong.

As a result, Warrington Borough Council has issued a warning to be careful buying beauty products from places outside the UK, as they may not comply with the country’s regulations.

Councillor Judith Guthrie said: ‘We strongly advise people to be wary of buying products that don’t appear to comply with EU/UK regulations.

‘It’s really important that people stay safe when shopping online and find out as much as possible about what they are purchasing.

‘On this occasion, our officers acted swiftly to get the product removed from the website. Unfortunately, as the seller and manufacturer are outside of Europe, we were not able to take enforcement action in this case.’

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