Volgogradka has lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during pregnancy

Volgogradka has lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during pregnancy


36-summer volgogradka Maya Maksimova for a short time deprived completely of all hair on head and body, including eyebrows and eyelashes – it was with her during her second pregnancy. It turned out that Maximova is a rare genetic disease, and the impetus for it, as scientists believe, likely to become pregnant.

When the disease began, pregnant volgogradka has lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes in a matter of weeks. Now Maya is still without hair, although since then it’s been 2.5 years. This woman absolutely did not break the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes – she was adapting to its new look, and in my life prefers to see the advantages and not the disadvantages.

Maksimova gave an interview and told how she started to lose her hair. At first, volgogradka has decided that hair loss is associated with pregnancy, but hair thinning too rapidly. Specialists whom she went to call a lot of reasons for baldness but was not diagnosed. Maya, meanwhile, could not go outside without a hat.

Later volgogradke managed to get on reception to the good doctor, Professor in dermatology. Then the woman first heard that she had alopecia areata. In this disease, the hair may grow back again, but then it can also fall out again.
The final diagnosis has helped to identify genetic analysis: he showed that Maximova alopecia an autosomal dominant type of inheritance risk to offspring of 50%. This disease can manifest itself in age from 30 to 50 years, with the inclusion of individual genes. According to scientists, the activity of these genes could cause pregnancy.

In the end Maximov decided to get rid of the remnants of the hair, become completely bald. First, according to Maya, she was psychologically hard, but supported her husband and also in parallel, the doctors said that, losing hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, otherwise she’s completely healthy.

Now, after 2.5 years, a young woman not paying attention on the lack of hair. She appreciates life for the good that is in it – family, two daughters, work, Hobbies. As said Maya, “if human life is nothing but beautiful their hair is sad. I continue to live as before, family and happiness of loved ones in the first place”.

By the way, volgogradka often hears compliments about the bold image, which, as outsiders sometimes think, she chose specifically.

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