Unbelievable but true: unpeeled vegetables healthier

Unbelievable but true: unpeeled vegetables healthier


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Why unpeeled vegetables are more useful

In some cases, it is useful unpeeled vegetables

Recipes unpeeled vegetables

Potatoes and zucchini, carrots and radishes, cabbage and beets – the variety of food on our table is the key to good nutrition, good health, high vitality. Daily in the human diet must contain at least 5 types of plant products, from the latest medical research it becomes clear that unpeeled vegetables are more useful for several reasons.

Why unpeeled vegetables are more useful

Physiologists and geneticists pay attention to the duration of formation of the system of metabolism in the process of human evolution. A time when we civilized my-clean-cut-eat, not so long compared to the period of prehistory. Our distant ancestors, the hunters and gatherers on the savannahs and the forests for hundreds of thousands of years has developed and fixed certain method of obtaining the necessary substances to the body: these are working out (e.g., alkaloids, serotonin), those coming from the outside (vitamins, fiber, minerals), and these we do not need and we get rid of them.

When formed, the human body, adjusted his biochemistry, nobody cleaned the roots, all the substances in wild and cultivated vegetables, are digested in the stomach and act as a basis for building new cells in the blood. Now we cut away the peel from the beets or zucchini and nedodayut own body with the right substances.

Biologists have determined that the peel of root crops, in addition to the protective function, has other, for example, accumulates, stores substances for the growth and development of plants in the “later”, i.e. it is a storage room for is unnecessary, but valuable materials. The soul rejoices when you see a large squash (about this talk – “hog”), and while it was small all the same minerals and vitamins were concentrated in the peel and neighbouring layers.

Physicians, examining the composition of the protective shells of vegetables and comparing it with useful and necessary for the human components, have come to the conclusion that to select plant extracts for medicines better rind. If you think about it, it turns out a funny thing: clearing and eating the carrots/radishes/cucumber, then we go to the pharmacy to buy a medicine made from extracts of the same roots, of which we threw away in the garbage… not only that we have spent time and effort to clean the vegetables, we are still not economical and the money…

In some cases, it is useful unpeeled vegetables

Bulgarian pepper. Nutrients are concentrated in the flesh near the stalk, and white walls inside, and in the grains. Useful for hair growth, fighting chronic fatigue, stress, thins the blood and makes the skin radiant and much more. Men pepper helps to not go bald, pregnant women are very useful for preserving bone and hair, and to use what is normally thrown out before stuffing… the Specialists-nutritionists have found a new way of preserving useful properties peppers: cut off dry stems and squeeze the juice from whole fruit.

Kohlrabi. Cabbage has the property to clean the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder, rids the body of excess fluid, thus preventing swelling, it is recommended for high blood pressure and heart disease. High in potassium, carotenoids and vitamins A and C have recently been discovered in the peel and the tops of kohlrabi. How unpeeled vegetables are more useful comparative analysis shows smoothies kohlrabi without cleaning up after itself, so for the preparation of fortified beverage used thoroughly washed cabbage turnips entirely.

Jerusalem artichoke(artichoke) – it is called life energy root is not a frequent guest on our table. Cleans the digestive tract, with constipation, contains iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc in an easily digestible form, vitamins of group In, ascorbic acid. All this building material for cells, rejuvenation, toning, cleansing of toxins. And a great helper for those who want to lose weight, because one hundred grams of artichoke contains only 74 calories!

Red beets give iron and copper in its composition, these substances are just necessary for the process of hematopoiesis, for low hemoglobin. Recently, a simple product was discovered the amino acid betaine that helps the liver to clean itself and to fight cancer degeneration of cells. Minerals and vitamins from beets cleanse the intestines, improve brain function, stimulate protective forces of the immune system. Beet juice from whole fruit – is useful doubly.

Carrotsis better absorbed in cooked form, and to preserve the taste of the fruit always cover the pan with a lid. Carrot salad is recommended for everyone, especially for pregnant women, people on a diet (because it is low in calories and at the same time contains a set of vitamins and minerals, which people deprive themselves during the diet). Carrot dissolves stones in the bladder and kidney, and they accumulate all who abuse coffee.

Celery. All parts of the plant are edible. Contains dietary fiber and Riboflavin, vitamins a,C,K,B6, folate, potassium for the heart muscle and does not have any cholesterol or fat. Unpeeled celery is used in the national fresh juices. Want to look good, easy to move and Shine skin and hair is often put on the table a dish of celery.

Bow. Not only onions, but also onion skins can be used when frying meat, which significantly reduces the level of carcinogens in the oil, just the husk gathers all to itself. British scientists found in the husk of quercetin that protects the arteries and lowers blood pressure, helps the body fight inflammation. Before using onion peel should be thoroughly rinsed in running water.

Recipes unpeeled vegetables

Baked vegetables. Classic baked potatoes on the coals, and can be at home. The oven to heat up to 190-200 degrees, the potatoes, wash, dry, wrap in foil, bake for an hour. Similarly, you can bake carrots, beets, eggplant – these root vegetables are baked at a temperature of 170 degrees for 2 hours.

Vegetables on the grill. You can make a vegetable platter of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini. Cut into large chunks (with the peel from the skin), add salt and spices, leave in the bowl for half an hour. Sprinkled with vegetable oil, put on the grill, fry until Golden brown. In contact with oil carotenoids from tomatoes and peppers go in easily digested form of vitamin cocktail, so the dish turns out not only tasty, juicy, but also really useful.

Raw vegetables collected on the dacha or in the village, cleared much more useful counterparts. If you bought them in the store or in a farm shop – not even asked the question “cleaned them?” Yes of course, because the number of phosphate, nitrate, nitrogenous and other fertilizers, pesticides for pest control is through the roof in the mass production of vegetable crops.

Taking care of your health and pushes many city residents to purchase of nitrate, so the store was clear – to take or not to take such a beautiful sight with carrots or beets. If the potato has a greenish hue – watch the solanine! is poison and very dangerous to humans. Uncompromising, cut away the green part before cooking the potatoes before baking or as a whole.

To the question of cleaning of vegetables before cooking should be treated very carefully and to use the crude root only in case of full confidence in the quality of the products.

Previously, scientists have found that frozen vegetables are healthier natural.