Top 5 healthy habits for the heart

Top 5 healthy habits for the heart


“Golden five” healthy habits contributing to maintain the active functions of the heart and strengthening the myocardium, identified by Swedish scientists. Their arguments on this subject were published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

The first healthy habit: eat natural foods. According to experts, in the diet should prevail foods that are not subjected to heat treatment or it is allowed only at a minimum. If you follow this condition, it appears that most of these products – greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes. Scientists confirm that eating them provides the body the largest amount of those substances that positively affect blood vessels and arteries, improving their conductivity by reducing cholesterol concentrations.

The second healthy habit: control over alcohol consumption. Older than the body, the better it is affected by the refusal of the use of alcohol at every convenient point. According to scientific data, after the 40 years of eating 350 grams of pure alcohol per week, reduces life expectancy due to the occurring pathologies of the heart for 1-2 years.

The third healthy habit to keep the waist. There is a close relationship between waist size and risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease. In women, the normal waist with a volume of up to 90 cm, in men up to 100, see If the waist size exceeds these standards only 10 cm, the risk of health problems is very high.

The fourth healthy habit of aerobic activity. Walking, dancing, swimming, Cycling – the more of human life feasible aerobic exercise, the better for the heart. Scientific data indicates that the biggest risk of early death in connection with cardiovascular disease affects people leading a sedentary lifestyle – whether they are skinny, full, or obese.

The fifth healthy habit: to quit Smoking. “Tying” of cigarettes, you can improve not only the condition of the heart. According to scientific experts, smokers suffer not only the heart muscle cells, but also in the brain, which begin to be attacked by white blood cells.

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