The Insanely Strict Diet That Hailey Baldwin Swears By

The Insanely Strict Diet That Hailey Baldwin Swears By


Bleary-eyed, I greeted Hailey Baldwin last week: “wearing my gym kit just makes me feel that little bit better after a few drinks.” Her response? “I’ve definitely been there!” Not only is bareMineral’s new clean beauty ambassador a vision of glowy beauty, but she’s unapologetically honest about living a somewhat normal* lifestyle. This is a rarity for a face of a clean beauty brand.

Ed’s note: *nothing is normal when you’re (seemingly) married to Justin Bieber, have 15 million social media followers and eight bodyguards trailing you IRL

We met in a cabin in the Oxfordshire countryside. And after only a few minutes, I realised that while Baldwin cites good ‘skin genetics’ as one of the reasons for her undeniable clear complexion there’s another reason too: she’s been raised with an awareness on inside-out beauty.

Beyond the obvious of avoiding sugar and alcohol she also follows the blood type diet. It’s something that seems a natural progression after growing up eating organic and gluten-free food. “I have a hard time with my stomach digesting foods. If you’ve been a certain way for so long that if you start putting other stuff in your body the reactions can be really intense.”

Day-to-day this means Baldwin’s diet is as wholesome as her skincare. If you were to eat dinner together she’d likely order a plant-based meal, perhaps with some fish, and wash it down with water – she rarely drinks she tells me.

But, as mentioned, when the moment takes her Baldwin does like to live outside of the wellness rulebook. “Over the summer, I was so happy in a bubble of life that I was eating everything and whatever,” she shares. But the desire to feel good is what pulls her back. “It started to make me feel sluggish and I was tired all the time.” For a 21-year-old, Baldwin has an undeniable sense of self and health.

Keep reading for more on Hailey’s approach to balancing body, life with Bieber and her natural beauty routine.

WH: Have you always had a clean beauty routine?

HB: It’s always been instilled in me. My mom is the same way, my grandma is the same way. I’ve grown up with an appreciation of a natural, clean skin – just minimal.

WH: Did your mom and grandma teach you your beauty routine?

HB: They definitely taught me a lot of stuff. My mom is Brazilian and is very crazy about skin. She would never let me get out of the bath or shower as a kid without lathering my whole body in lotion. Thank God she did because now I have crazy soft body skin. People touch me and are like, ‘oh my gosh you’re so soft.’ It’s strange. 

WH: Do you think your good skin is linked to your diet?

HB: I think being aware of what works for you as everyone’s skin is different, everyone’s bodies are different – genetics play such a big role. I do take good really good care of myself, but my mom and my dad have really nice skin, so I do think genetics played a big part in mine.

WH: You’re very busy – do you have a regular wellness routine?

HB: I like to box. I like Pilates but I don’t love working out. It’s hard and it hurts. But I do walk a lot. I lived in New York for four years so got used to walking everywhere.

WH: Do you ever get up and put your gym kit on to make you work out?

HB: I do – but then it just doesn’t happen!

WH: Do you have food rules?

HB: I try to stick to what I know works for me for example, there’s really good gluten free pasta these days.

WH: And what else works for you? Are you vegetarian?

HB: I do eat meat, but I try to stick to lighter meat like chicken and turkey – I have trouble with my iron levels so I have to eat and couldn’t be veggie. But I do eat by the blood type diet as I think it makes a lot of sense and a difference when you really stick to it.

WH: Do you find having low iron makes you tired?

HB: I’m tired all the time!

WH: Does that mean you sleep a lot?

HB: I do sleep a lot and he [Justin] doesn’t. He’s an Energiser bunny and I do have energy for my age, I’m 21 and can rally, but there’s a legit reason that I’m tired all the time because of my iron.

WH: So, how do you deal with that being so opposite?

HB: I just wake-up! I’d rather be awake and spend time than sleep and there’s always caffeine. Anything is possible with caffeine. 

WH: And, how about beauty. Has your relationship with makeup evolved over the years? How do you feel without makeup on?

HB: I think I’ve been working a lot for the last four, almost five years, and I’ve gotten to see a lot of different ways to use makeup…different styles of makeup, different vibes, different looks, and I think that I’ve picked up a lot of cool tricks over the last few years. I definitely have more of an appreciation for makeup application.

Sometimes I actually feel more confident without makeup. I think that it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, embrace natural beauty, but then you can also feel very sexy with makeup. I think you can bring out different characters when you’re done up with different hair, different makeup. It’s just fun to be able to play with.

WH: What about breakouts? How do you deal with them?

HB: I’ll reach for a concealer but to be honest, I don’t get them often. Sometimes I do get milia under the skin that don’t really come to the surface. Alcohol used to make me breakout!

WH: What’s your signature beauty look?

HB: My signature look is pretty simple but I can’t live without a good highlighter so I love BarePro Glow. I really like having something that is going to give you a little flush of colour and a nice, glowy highlight. I also really like the Complexion Rescue because it has a little bit of colour but it’s not too heavy on the skin. I finish with lip balm. Boom.

WH: You mentioned that you don’t really drink anymore?

HB: I went through a phase in life when I was out all the time and drinking a lot but that really wasn’t good for my skin. I’d then get a breakout and dry skin. I thought about my lifestyle and habit choices and said to myself, ‘am I willing to compromise?’.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health UK.

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