The harm and benefit of the Solarium

The harm and benefit of the Solarium


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Advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet light to humans

Arguments about the dangers of tanning

How to tan safely?

Beautiful chocolate tan at all times been in Vogue. This is not surprising because tanned body looks noble and luxurious, makes a person more beautiful, emphasizes its status. People are increasingly becoming followers of healthy lifestyle that folds into a concept called “wellness”. This term came from the English language and implies a system of physical and spiritual health, beauty. Going to the tanning salon – one of the points of this system. Magicforum found out what the harm and benefit of the Solarium.

Due to lack of statistics we cannot estimate the number of people visiting the Solarium in Russia. However, such statistics is available in the United States. At last count, the number of people visiting the Solarium, close to 30 million people of which about 2 million are minors. This procedure has both defenders and opponents. The first claim that it is useful and makes a person irresistible, others say the harmful radiation and harmful effects on the body. Who is right?

Advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet light to humans

The advantages of a visit:

Stimulates the production of vitamin D.

The natural synthesis of this substance in our under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Its importance cannot be overemphasized. He is involved in the structure of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, strengthens the immune system. Lack of this vitamin leads to the deterioration of the skin, hormonal problems, premature aging, and women – early menopause. A recent study showed that a five-minute sunbed a week reduces the above risks to a minimum.

Struggling with stress.

We are all familiar with the winter Blues and depression. But also know that nothing so uplifting as a Sunny winter day. Under the influence of solar rays produces endorphins, hormones of joy, improves mood. The lack of sunlight – are not uncommon in the Northern regions and the artificial sun is important. Very often doctors recommend the use of a Solarium to enhance mood and fight depression.

Makes the skin more resistant to the sun.

Use of the Solarium, the skin becomes accustomed to UV light gradually. After a few visits, the skin gets a nice tan, it becomes less sensitive to sunlight. This can be very useful if You plan to go to the sea, the risk of “burn out” on the first day is minimized. But do not neglect the simple rules. Use a sunscreen and avoid sunbathing when the sun is most active, with 12 to 16 hours.

Helps with skin diseases.

Experts note a significant improvement in skin affected by acne after a few visits. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor about this!

Arguments about the dangers of tanning

The occurrence of habituation.

It is proved that the Solarium can cause anorexia. This term refers to the dependence of our body from ultraviolet radiation, it is similar to dependence on alcohol or tobacco. Not getting a regular dose of sunlight, people become restless, his mood drops, and the Solarium relieves these symptoms. Most often, this addiction affects people under the age of 30 years.


Constant exposure to lights on the skin can lead to biochemical, structural and visible changes. Under prolonged exposure to sunlight, the skin breaks down elastin and collagen. There is a dryness, wrinkles, increased risk of allergic reactions.

Increases the risk of melanoma.

Studies show that increased exposure to UV lamps contributes to the development of skin cancer. If earlier the disease is diagnosed in people after the age of 70 years, now it is rejuvenated and supplemented with people aged about 40.

The appearance of age spots.

You should be extremely careful with the combination of Solarium and many drugs. Solarium can change the color of your skin, and even lead to the appearance of age spots. Refrain from treatments with antibiotics, diuretics and hormone drugs, as well as during pregnancy. A disregard for these rules will contribute to the appearance of lesions, scars, boils, acne. Don’t forget to consult with a specialist!

Threat for inflammation of the skin.

The effects of UV in inflammatory processes is highly undesirable. In the beginning there may come an imaginary improvement, but after several procedures, increases the risk of relapse and a significant deterioration that will aggravate the healing process.

To visit a Solarium has a lot of contraindications. Here are some of them: thyroid disease, fibroids, a large number of moles, pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Because of the popularity of the procedure, people rarely deny myself this pleasure. It’s a great way to pamper yourself the sun, especially in autumn and winter.

How to tan safely?

Forewarned is forearmed.

1. In the case of reception of various drugs and a doctor’s consultation is required. This minimizes the risk of complications.

2. Start slowly, don’t spend under the lamps more than your skin type of time. Perhaps for the first time, it will take You 1 minute.

3. Sunbathe no more than once a week, no more than 3-5 minutes depending on skin type. Never visit a Solarium 2 days in a row.

4. Use stikine and plaster. Tape the area of inflammation, moles, nipples, sores and age spots.

5. Use protective equipment, such as: tanning, goggles and caps, lip balm.

6. Do not visit a bath or sauna prior to the procedure, abstain from other cosmetic procedures.

7. Verify the integrity of the cab, check the operation of the emergency call button before the procedure. Equipment sometimes breaks down.

Previously, scientists have proven that the benefits of fish consumed exceeds the harm.