Testosterone helps with depression in men

Testosterone helps with depression in men


Scientists have proposed hormonal treatment for depression in men using testosterone. Researchers have found that testosterone works as a “mild antidepressant” about their work according to The Medical News Today.

Preliminary research in rodents has demonstrated ability therapy on the basis of testosterone to help the body’s production of serotonin – the hormone responsible for good mood. The sponsors of the draft, in his own words, undertook the largest study, “which examined the effect of testosterone on depressive symptoms in men”. They analyzed data from 27 clinical trials.

There is a theory that testosterone levels in men declines with age, making them more susceptible to depression. However, such sharpening of view is not shared by all.

The authors of this work stated: “There is a high probability that some patients with depressed testosterone also helps all”.
Their analysis has allowed to establish that the positive effect of testosterone for men with depression are usually observed at high doses. All age groups react to the therapy with testosterone, said the researchers.

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