Stefanie Tücking died of pulmonary embolism

Stefanie Tücking died of pulmonary embolism


A pulmonary embolism was the cause of the sudden death of the program’s host, Stefanie Tücking. Your employer SWR3 reported, citing the Prosecutor’s office in Baden-Baden. Tücking was 56 years old.

The well-known SWR3 presenter, passed away last Saturday, quite surprisingly, the cause of death was initially unclear. "The Team is deeply shocked. SWR3 has lost not only an excellent radio wife, the colleagues also mourn a warm-hearted friend. She was one of the biggest radio personalities in Germany, and we are all stunned about your sudden Tod", SWR3-program-in-chief Thomas Jung for the death of his colleague.

It’s now known, succumbed to Tücking a pulmonary embolism. At this serious cardiovascular incident, one or more blood vessels are blocked in the lungs. As a result, the blood flow to the lungs is reduced so that the body is able sufficient oxygen. A pulmonary embolism is a thrombosis, usually preceded by, and often occurs deep in the leg or pelvic veins. A blood clot, called a Thrombus forms in the vein. It dissolves, Hiking clots in the lungs and the arteries close. The greater the pulmonary artery is blocked, the more severe the consequences for the patient. In the worst case, a pulmonary embolism can be fatal. Are warning signs of sudden shortness of breath, cough, chest pain which is worse when you Breathe in, and fainting. Who noticed these symptoms in yourself or a family member, you should not hesitate and immediately for an ambulance (112).

Signs of venous thrombosis of the leg, in the worst case, a pulmonary embolism can develop, a feeling of tightness in the calf as well as pain similar to a muscle ache, but for significantly longer. Often the leg turns red, swells and is warmer than the other leg. Although the risk for thrombosis with the age is rising, but you can also meet young people. The symptoms should not be considered a trifling matter dismissed: Store the affected leg and immediately contact the doctor or the medical on-call service (116 117). The Patient is then usually medication, the clot dissolved.


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