Sex with former acts positively

Sex with former acts positively


The research of experts from Wayne state University in Michigan showed that sex with former partners does not cause harm, but rather acts positively in the psychological aspect. Scientists spoke about the fact that taboo sex is not necessary – he is quite able to positively influence people.

American experts conducted an experiment involving more than 100 people passed through shortly before the rupture of close relations. First, scientists analyzed the lifestyle and habits of the subjects. Then, a few months later, the authors studied the psychological state of volunteers: in particular, the experts were interested in how the effect on people’s emotional attachment to ex-partners, and also renew contact with the former. In the next stage of the experiment, researchers gathered a group of subjects are already 300 people who have recorded all attempts to engage in a sexual relationship with former partners.

After analyzing the data about the sex of people with ex-partners after the official breakup, the experts stated that “the current society, the taboo of sex with ex does not have a basis”. According to scientific experts, occasional contacts with former partners do not bring harm to mental health and not prevent people from moving on in their personal life.

Their study showed that in most cases attempts by their former partners to be back in bed together successful.

“Ex-partners do not feel a sense of stress or emotionally drained after sex. On the contrary, the subjects noted that sex did have an effect, helped them to live and work,” said the authors.
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