Scientists answer why some of us feel hungry all of the time

Scientists answer why some of us feel hungry all of the time


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Scientists found “big dippers” typically eat 312 more calories a day and wait half an hour less between meals than “little dippers”, leading to weight gain of up to 20lb annually. It means some people feel hungry all the time and struggle to lose weight.

The study, by universities including King’s College London, monitored bloodsugar levels, glucose tolerance, sleep, activity and hunger. Other research has looked at blood-sugar peaks about two hours after a meal, but scientists found some see dips between two and four hours later.

There were significant variations in blood-sugar responses in people who ate the exact same meals, with no other correlations in data – though men saw bigger dips than women.

A combination of your unique metabolism, choice of food and activity level dictates whether or not you will over-eat, scientists concluded. Prof Ana Valdes of the University of Nottingham said: “A few hundred extra calories every day means several pounds weight gain a year.”

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